Introducing Simplicity® Internet Portals

Why Choose Simplicity® Internet Portals?


Discover the Simplicity® Internet Portals: Tailored to seamlessly integrate your external stakeholders – including prospects, customers, vendors, and marketing agents – into the dynamic Simplicity® RE ecosystem. Join us today!

Internet Portals

The Simplicity® Internet Portals specially designed to bring your external stakeholders (such as prospects, customers, vendors, marketing agents) into the Simplicity® RE eco-system.  These enable you to build a smart community with greatly enhanced customer service levels and information exchange efficiency.


The Internet Portals are:

  • Marketing Portal (M&P-P)
  • Customer Portal (CC-P)/ Mobile App (m-CC)
  • Agent Portal (MA-P)
  • Vendor Portal (PO-P)

Marketing Portal (M&P-P)

The Marketing Portal (M&P-P) allows you to publish vacant or to-be-marketed units, advertising opportunities and utility pricing plans on the Internet, and allow interested prospects to contact you or bid for them.


Key features:

Schedule publishing of vacant or to-be-marketed units, advertising opportunities and utility pricing plans;
Support direct marketing and tender opportunities;
Allow multiple search criteria for interested prospects to narrow down their searches;
Upload images, floorplans and 3D virtual tours of each unit;
Allow self-registration of prospects;
For direct marketing opportunities, allow prospects to contact leasing department;
For tenders, allow submission of tender packages and viewing of tender results (if permitted).

Customer Care Portal and Mobile App

The Customer Portal (CC-P) and Mobile App (m-CC) allows your customers to directly conduct business and access information regarding their contracts and historical transactions.


Key features:

Self-update of customer profile and contact information;
Receive landlord communication, promotional material and announcements;
Access contract account information (e.g. leases) and transaction histories (e.g. invoicing and payment, utility consumption history);
Submit fit-out documentation;
Raise and track service requests and fault reports;
Submit tenant service requests such as application for permit to work, air-con extension, season parking, etc;
If applicable, make payments online;
Customer Care Mobile App available for both Android and iOS.

Asset Tracking Self-Help Portal

The asset tracking self-help portal empowers you to take control of your business assets. Offering a comprehensive platform for asset management, from recording basic asset details to monitoring maintenance, valuation, and collaboration with others.

Providing a comprehensive and efficient means of managing and monitoring your assets. It encompasses features for asset registration, real-time tracking, maintenance scheduling, documentation management, reporting, and security measures.

This system is valuable for organizations looking to optimize asset utilization, minimize downtime, and ensure accurate record-keeping for financial and operational decision-making.

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