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Shared Resources Management Suite

The Simplicity® Shared Resources Management Suite is a full-fledged solution that assists you in all aspects of resources and facilities booking management, including resources register setup, as well as management of resource bookings. It consists of three modules – Resource Management (RM), Bookings Management (BKG), and Visitor Management (VIM), supplemented with a comprehensive list of reports. Although it is fully integrated to the other Simplicity® software suites, the Shared Resources Management (SRM) Suite can also be deployed as a standalone facilities management application.


It consists of three modules:

  • Resource Management (RM)
  • Bookings Management (BKG)
  • Visitor Management (VIM)

Resource Management (RM)

The Resource Management (RM) Module allows you to define the resources in your organization that can be shared, including rooms, IT and audio-visual equipment.  These tools can also be used to schedule personnel based on specific attributes and their availability.  You can also define charges and rules on how the resources can be utilized.


Key features:

Define resources and their charge rates according to usage type, usage time and user group;
Track utilization of resources via interface with tracking and monitoring sensors and devices;
Roster by department, location or role.

Bookings Management (BKG)

The Bookings Management (BKG) Module provides a single automated mode of booking for shared facilities, rooms, resources and personnel.  The Module works with real-time human resource, space and asset information to enable users to book various facilities and resources based on a set of configurable business rules.


Key features:

Set up and manage quotas for user groups;
Perform ad-hoc booking and recurring booking with automated email and SMS notifications;
Workflow-driven booking approval processes;
Integrate to Financial Management (FIN) Suite Receivables Management (AR) to generate Invoices for external billing;
Integrate to Financial Management (FIN) Suite General Ledger (GL) for internal Department Chargeback by Usage Type;
Supports integration with building management systems for activating access control, HVAC and lighting systems (requires OT Connectors);
Perform and manage booking via Microsoft Outlook add-in.

Visitor Management (VIM)

The Visitor Management (VIM) Module provides an integrated view for Security to effectively and efficiently manage the entries and exits of all external visitors to secured areas within the buildings.  It also provides a Self-Service Registration web view that can be deployed to self-registration kiosks.


Key features:

Manage visitor information and keep in a secured database for easier reference;
Automatically retrieve visitor information for repeat visits;
Quick registration of visitors via ID scanning;
Issue/ return management for access cards;
Integrated view of visitor’s registrations across multiple locations via a Web View;
Integration capabilities to Events Management Systems for automated retrieval of visitors listing;
Self-registration view for kiosks;
Retrieval and status of current visitors.

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