Parking Management

Why Choose GAR?


Suite helps you manage your property portfolio’s parking garages and lots, including season parking allocation and billing

Parking Management (GAR) Suite

The Simplicity® Parking Management (GAR) Suite helps you manage your property portfolio’s parking garages and lots, including season parking allocation and billing.


It consists of three modules:

• Lot Management (LOT)

• Allotment Lifecycle & Billing Management (ALM)

• Garage Operations Management (GOP)


Simplicity® GAR is further supplemented with a comprehensive list of reports. To maximize its capabilities, Simplicity® GAR should be deployed in conjunction with Simplicity® CRM, REL, FIN and BAM Suites, and with active interfaces with parking operations technology (e.g. lot occupancy detection system).

Lot Management (LOT)

The Lot Management (LOT) Module allows you to set up and manage your parking lot inventory, and link them with the building space information from Simplicity® REL Space Management Module. The Module also allows you to manage parking tariff rates.


Key features:

• Parking Lot Setup

• Define parking lot types (e.g. normal vehicle, large vehicle, motorcycle, loading, disabled, electric vehicle, VIP);

• Set up parking lots with unique identifiers & validity period, and assign them to buildings in the Space Management Module;

• Define policies on who can access what types of lots and which specific lots (e.g. only tenants or VIPs can use the lot);

• Tariff Rate Setup

• Define multiple types of season and casual rates for each parking lot type, such as: monthly, daily, hourly, by-minute;

• Define rates for ad-hoc services such as complementary tickets and enforcement activities such as disabled lot fines or wheel clamping;

• Support approval process for new rates and their expected validity periods;

• Parking Lot Utilization Analysis

• Generate multi-dimensional reports on parking lot utilization;

Allotment Lifecycle & Billing Management

The Allotment Lifecycle & Billing Management (ALM) Module manages the parking allotment lifecycle, from application to termination of parking allotment.  It also generates the billing for season parking.  The ALM Module is integrated to the Simplicity® CRM and REL Suites to obtain information on tenants, their leases, as well as synchronize allowed quotas and quota utilization; it is integrated to the Simplicity® FIN Suite for billing, collection and refund.


Key features:

• Tenant Season Parking Quota Management

• Manage season parking lot quota either open to public or linked to each active space and lease;

• Track quota utilization;

• Allotment Application

• Manage the application of parking lot allotment directly or via Customer Portal;

• Supports differential approval process for applications from the public, from regular tenant staff, or VIPs (e.g. specially designated lots);

• Billing

• Automatically generates scheduled billing for season parking;

• Allows all payment methods supported by Simplicity® AR Module such as Direct Debit (GIRO), Recurring Credit Card (RCC), ad-hoc Credit Card, etc;

Allotment Termination and Refund
  • Manage termination requests for parking lot allotment directly or via Customer Portal;
  • Automatically deactivates allotment upon termination or non-renewal and expiry of last paid period;
  • Supports refund request and processing of refund via Simplicity® AP Module;

Garage Operations Management (GOP)

The Garage Operations Management (GOP) Module assists you in the day-to-day management of your parking garages, including services such as complementary tickets and enforcement activities such as wheel clamping. The Module is integrated to Simplicity® CRM, BAM and FIN Suites, and highly recommended to integrate to parking operations technologies.


Key features:

• Garage Service Management

• With integration to Simplicity® CRM and BAM Suites, track and resolve complaints on garage problems and issue Work Orders for resolving technical issues (e.g. faulty barriers);

• Enforcement Management

• Support Mobile App for roving parking attendants to identify vehicles in breach of car park policies, print warning notices or issue wheel clamp instructions;

• Generate invoices for fines (e.g. disabled lot parking) or wheel clamping;

• Support enforcement waiver request work flow;

• Track wheel clamp release;

• Complimentary Ticket Management

• Manage complimentary ticket request and purchase process; supports printing of physical tickets or e-tickets (via Customer Portal);

• Track and update outstanding tickets, including expiry status;

• Daily Casual Parking Collections

• Allows import of daily casual parking collections via file upload or integration with parking operations technology such as gantry payment systems.

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