Decision Support Modules

Simplicity® provides comprehensive and powerful business intelligence and decision support tools.

Common Utilities – Decision Support Modules

Simplicity® provides comprehensive and powerful business intelligence and decision support tools.


The Basic Package includes two services:

• Cockpit™ Dashboard Analytics

• Abacus™ Spreadsheet Analytics


The Premium Package provides more enhanced capabilities delivered via four more services:

• Hypercube™ Data Warehouse

• Mercator™ GIS Analytics

• Gemini™ Digital Twin Visualization Platform

• Insight™ AI GPT Analytics

Cockpit™ Dashboard Analytics

The Cockpit™ Dashboard allows users to select and pin their most commonly accessed interactive charts that display real-time statistics from the Simplicity® database, as well as records and functions.  Cockpit™ charts have built-in access control and can be made unique for individual organizational roles.  It also supports unlimited drill-down capabilities.

Cockpit™ Dashboard Analytics fosters a culture of pro-active operational management by providing an intuitive and graphical birds’-eye view of the organization’s performance against established Key Performance Indicators in real-time.

Abacus™ Spreadsheet Analytics

The Abacus™ Spreadsheet Analytics allows users to generate standard and customized reports according to their access rights.  The reports can be generated in the dynamic Spreadsheet Report™ format, Direct Excel® format, or static formats such as Reports Definition Language (RDL) and Crystal Reports.  In addition, reports can be generated on demand or batched for automatic dissemination via email or publishing to a shared drive.

The dynamic Spreadsheet Report™ allows drag-and-drop, slice-and-dice analysis of data along multiple dimensions, as well as exporting of data to Microsoft Excel® or Adobe PDF® formats. Another useful feature of dynamic Spreadsheet Report™ is dynamic generation of charts in various chart types, side-by-side with the spreadsheet.  Many different 2D/ 3D chart types and variations are supported, including line, bar, pie, bubble, XY scatter, radar, gauge, etc.

The Direct Excel® format allows you do design and import your own Microsoft Excel® templates replete with formulas and sheet level/ cell level linkages.  Data from the application will be directly published to the Excel® template.

Users can modify or add new reports either by using the Report Writer add-on (for Spreadsheet Reports™), or by uploading RDL or Crystal Reports® RPT templates.  RDL templates are XML files that can be developed using any IDEs such as Microsoft Visual Studio®, while RPT templates are designed using any Crystal Reports® designer.

Hypercube™ Data Warehouse

The Hypercube™ Data Warehouse keeps your business data in a storage pool and allows you to analyze the data and generate reports quickly.  It provides a time-delayed star schema representation of a Simplicity® Database, facilitating powerful multi-dimensional online analytical processing (OLAP) capabilities for business intelligence.  The Data Warehouse is accessible by all of Simplicity® Decision Support tools.

The Hypercube™ Data Warehouse comes with full Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) capabilities, and can also accept data from other application databases.  You can configure the frequency of ETL from the core Simplicity® Database and other application databases.

Mercator™ GIS Analytics

The Mercator™ GIS Analytics provide geospatial perspectives to Simplicity® analytics and business intelligence capabilities.  This interface is extremely useful for the monitoring and management of geographically distributed properties and assets.


Key features:

• Link distributed buildings and assets to geospatial data sets for easier asset locating, decision support and maintenance planning;
• Generate heat maps to measure correlation between different data sets.

Gemini™ Digital Twin Visualization Platform 

The Gemini™ Digital Twin Visualization Platform, developed based on the Unity Gaming Engine, allows you to create a virtual 3 dimensional representation of a building and its assets.  The Platform also boasts capabilities that allow Digital Twin information to be mapped onto the physical world and viewed through mobile devices and smart glasses, and enhance diagnostics capabilities with “X-Ray Vision”.


Key Features:

• Powerful, fast rendering interactive 3D visualization platform;
• Highly scalable and easily configurable for addition of charts, software functions & data from any database or Web Services;
• Capable of providing portfolio overview of performance & sustainability of building systems;
• Capable of drilling into buildings, levels, rooms, individual equipment for more granular analysis;
• Capable of the creation of Digital Twin models by importing BIM files and preserve structural, equipment and cabling/ piping attributes;
• Capable of obtaining insights via advanced analytics by plotting overlays such as heat maps directly over the Digital Twin model;
• Capable of defining rules to alert user when there are any alarms, breaches or conditions and identify offending equipment or location directly on the Digital Twin model.

Insight™ AI GPT Analytics 

Simplicity® Insight™ AI GPT Analytics is our latest exciting offering leveraging the full power of OpenAI’s GPT4 large language model.  Insight™ is continually trained on production Simplicity® datasets, enabling you to perform analysis by way of follow-through conversation.  Engage in natural English, Chinese, Japanese, or any of the many supported languages.

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