Building Asset & Maintenance Management

Why Choose BAM?


A full-fledged solution that assists you in all aspects of building facilities management

Building Asset & Maintenance Management (BAM) Suite

The Simplicity® Building Asset & Maintenance Management Suite is a full-fledged solution that assists you in all aspects of building facilities management, including asset register setup and asset tracking, management of corrective and preventive maintenance regimes, as well as handling of tenant support activities and services.


It consists of five modules – Asset Management (AM), Maintenance & Field Service Management (WO), Safety Management (SAF), Tenant Services Management (TSM), and Failure Analysis (FMEA), supplemented with a comprehensive list of reports.


Expense Contract ManagementAlthough it is fully integrated to the other Simplicity® software suites, the Building Asset & Maintenance Management (BAM) Suite can also be deployed as a standalone facilities management application.


Asset Management (AM)

The Asset Management (AM) Module forms the foundation of the Suite. It maintains a comprehensive asset register, tracking all relevant asset data including equipment-specific parameters, maintenance plans, safety checklists as well as location-specific details.

The Asset Management (AM) Module supports a configurable asset hierarchy that allows for a logical grouping of locations and equipment so that real world asset taxonomies can be accurately captured. The Module provides users with the flexibility to browse and access asset data either from a functional system-based perspective or a physical location-based perspective.


Key Features:

Asset Ontology Setup
  • Supports user definable asset data fields such as static attributes and dynamic parameters;
  • Classify an asset as an equipment or instrument;
  • Create fixed point, linear, or movable assets with configurable asset hierarchy;
  • Generate unique asset ID based on user-definable formats with barcode, QR code, RFID and NFC support;
  • Locate an asset via functional position or physical location;
  • Define sub-assemblies within equipment;

Failure Analysis (FMEA)

Failure Analysis (FMEA) Module provides functionalities to support you in your reliability engineering initiatives, including Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) and Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) programs.
You can use the Failure Analysis (FMEA) Module to make the database of failure modes and causes of failures, manage Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) reports, and to develop Weibull Failure Models to forecast lifespan of assets.


Key Features:

Failure Mode, Effects & Criticality Analysis (FMECA)
  • Manage register of failure modes as well as causes and effects of failures;
  • Create and manage FMECA reports and visualize with Ishikawa Diagrams;
  • Automatically interface failure modes and causes of failures with the Maintenance & Field Services Management (WO) Module;
Weibull Analysis
  • Perform Weibull Regression for each asset type based on historical failure and survival data; Weibull Regression supports suspension (right-censored) data points;
  • Manage database of Weibull Failure Models to estimate Mean Time To Failure (MTTF) and forecast reliability, availability as well as remaining lifespan of equipment.

Safety Management (SAF)

The Safety Management (m-SAF) App allows you to perform safety inspections, file safety incident reports, receive Permits-to-Work, and execute isolation and renormalization sequences.


Key Features:

View hazard reports, perform safety inspections and download safety plans;
Take and annotate pictures and videos within the app;
Supports creation of safety incident report (only in online mode);
Receive and display Permits-to-Work;
Execute isolation and renormalization sequences.
  • Record safety incidents and manage incident reporting process.

Handing Over/Taking Over Management (m-HOTO)

The Handing Over/ Taking Over Management (m-HOTO) App allows you to perform unit handing over and taking over procedures.


Key Features:

Download list of units for handing over and go through handing over or taking over asset register and checklist;
Take and annotate pictures and videos within the app;
Obtain signatures from customers confirm handing over or taking over acceptance.

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