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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Suite

The Simplicity® Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Suite is a full-fledged solution that assists you in all aspects of customer relationship management, including customer database management, prospecting management, and customer care management.


It consists of four modules:

  • Customer 360 Database (C360)
  • Marketing & Prospecting Management (M&P)
  • Marketing Agent Management (MA)
  • Customer Care Management (CC)


Although it is fully integrated to the other Simplicity® software suites, the Customer Relationship Management Suite can also be deployed as a standalone customer relationship management application.

Customer 360 Database (C360)

The Customer 360 Database (C360) provides a centralized register of prospect, customer (tenant) and caller information.

It keeps track of key customer information as well as all pertinent data (such as organization, caller profile), and is the central source for 360-degree view of customer relationship.

You can also organize corporate customers into hierarchical structures, and tie necessary contacts to the correct positions and relative importance (e.g. C-level executive, decision maker, decision support).


Key features:

Identify prospects, customers and callers uniquely;
Prospect Registration and Management
  • Manage and maintain prospect profiles;
  • Manage prospect registration;
  • Integration to Receivables Management (AR) Module of Financial Management (FIN) Suite for customer registration;
Customer Information Management
  • Manage and maintain customer profiles;
  • Monitor status of customer (e.g. “Active”, “Blacklisted”, “Ex”, “Inactive”);
  • Organize corporate customers in hierarchical structures for better tracking and understanding of internal and external relationships within customers;
  • Access to caller history and case resolution patterns;
  • Access all customer related documents (e.g. sales orders, call histories, contact reports, etc) from a single central source;
  • Support mass import and export of customer contacts;
  • Monitor prospect conversion rate and analyze customer relationship patterns.

Marketing & Prospecting Management

The Marketing & Prospecting Management (M&P) Module manages the entire sales prospecting life cycle, beginning with direct marketing or tender, prospect and opportunity registration, vacancy/ product search, negotiation, management approval, formal offer/ quotation, and ends with final customer acceptance which creates a contract record in the Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Modules of the Real Estate Lease (Contract & Billing) Management (REL) and Utility (Contract & Billing) Management (UC&B)Suites.


Key features:

Sales Funnel Tracking
  • Track sales leads and the progress of each potential deal (from lead generation, prospect building, first offer, negotiation to closing) with Kanban View option;
  • Track deal owners (including partners and agents), prospect information, sales activities and memos associated with the deal;
  • Supports both direct marketing and tender (where contracts are offered competitively to multiple prospects) methods for customer acquisition;
Marketing Portal Integration
  • Option of publishing available property units and utility pricing plans/ promotions to the Marketing Portal (M&P-P);
Direct Marketing
  • For real estate leases, easily locate suitable units for prospective tenants with powerful vacancy search functionalities; units with special conditions like reservation and first-right-of-refusal from existing leases will be blocked;
  • For utility contracts, match suitable pricing plans to prospective customers based on their requirements;
  • Track history of offer terms and conditions during negotiation stage;
  • Support multiple types of tenders, including: closed (invited) and open tender based on price and/or quality, as well as reverse auction based only on price;
  • Define schedule for tender exercises;
  • Provide option to mask tenderer identities and pricing;
  • Define and manage complex tender approval processes with configurable tender evaluation and tender board rules and approval hierarchies;
  • Support electronic bid submission via Marketing Portal (M&P-P);
Offer Generation and Partner Commission Computation
  • From sales opportunities in closure stage (e.g. tender award), trigger generation of Letter of Offer in the Real Estate Lease Management (REL) Suite;
  • Automate computation of partner & agent commissions for each successful offer acceptance, and link to Payables Management (AP) Module of Financial Management (FIN) Suite to automatically process commission payment and credit for your marketing partners and agents.

Marketing Agent Management (MA)

The Marketing Agent Management (MA) Module allows you to manage the database of marketing partners and their team of individual agents, the allowable commission structures and levels, as well as history the commissions paid out and clawed back.


Key features:

Partner & Agent Information Management
  • Manage and maintain marketing partner corporate profiles, including geographical and portfolio coverage;
  • Associate and track individual agents to the marketing partners;
  • Track historical wins, commission pay outs and claw backs of each partner and their agents;
Partner Agreement Management
  • Manage your marketing agreements with your marketing partners;
  • Define commission structures (including computation formulas) and multiple levels of pay out;
  • Define claw back provisions for pre-terminated leases.
Marketing Partner Portal
  • Option of an Agent Portal (MA-P) for marketing partners and their agents to register their prospects, book viewings, reserve units, as well as view commission pay out and claw back histories.

Customer Care Management (CC)

The Customer Care Management (CC) Module assists you in taking good care of your customers!  It helps you efficiently log and track your customer service tickets, and ensure that the cases are completed and closed promptly.  The CC Module also allows you to ensure the delivery of reliable, efficient and measurable service levels to your customers by providing tools for the management of Service Level Agreements (SLAs).


Key features:

Case Management
  • Define different categories of cases (for example: service tickets, fault reports, service requests, incident reports) with multiple levels of severity or importance;
  • Configure different routing, approval and dispatch processes for each case category and each severity level;
  • Allows cases to be logged via multiple channels, for example by customer service officers (CSO) through the backend CC web application, by customers directly through the Customer Care Portal or Mobile App, by automated rules triggered by an alarm from an OT system;
  • Supports “screen pop” function that identify callers with native CC interface to call center telephony (CTI) systems using established TAPI connectors;
  • CSOs can access a central repository of caller and problem histories;
  • Dispatch cases to relevant field officers and technicians and receive field acknowledgements via multiple two-way channels, including mobile app push notification, SMS, WhatsApp, email and robocall;
  • Configure multiple levels of escalation (for example to backup officers and supervisors) in case of missed service response to dispatch;
Service Quality Management
  • Create SLAs for each department and types of service;
  • Configure variable timings for escalation milestones;
  • Define rules for unlimited levels of service escalation;
  • Track time-stamps for milestones achieved by staff and vendors;
  • Design, schedule and analyze client surveys.
Customer Care Portal and Mobile App
  • Option of a Customer Care Portal (CC-P) and Mobile App (m-CC) for your customers to directly access the CC Module online to log cases, check on resolution status, and communicate with your CSOs.

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